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PRUDENT PLACES USA 2014 (CDROM) The Gemstone Papers Part One: Electricity
List Price: US$29.00
Our Price: US$29.00
List Price: US$20.00
Our Price: US$20.00
Prudent Places USA 2014 Edition

NOTICE: Prudent Places USA is a CDROM which requires a computer to read and view it.
It will NOT work in either an ordinary CD or a DVD player.

Prudent Places USA 4th Edition covers seven main areas:
Natural Disasters
Man-made Disasters
Environmental Basics
Environmental Problems
People and
You'll find maps in the right column of the Table of Contents and text chapters on the left.

Within these chapter headings, you have access to 64 main topics, plus additional subtopics. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition contains over 800 high resolution, full color maps, numerous informative tables, beautiful photographs of America, plus a myriad of bonus data. Prudent Places USA 4th Edition is visually enjoyable as well as informative. Nowhere can you find better detailed, more highly defined, full-color maps as those in Prudent Places USA 4th Edition.

The G.E.M.Stone Papers - Part 1 of 3:
The Inertial Nature of Electrical Phenomena in Aether Space
By Stan Deyo

Stan Deyo's E-Book on the inertial nature of gravity, electricity and magnetism with easily repeatable empirical proofs.

This is a DIGITAL book - It is NOT in PRINTED form. It is an ELECTRONIC book. You can only read it on a computer. You must download the book - it cannot be mailed to you.
DARE TO PREPARE 5th Edition 2013 The Townsend Brown Legacy (on Flash Drive)
List Price: US$45.00
Our Price: US$39.00
You save US$6.00!
List Price: US$68.00
Our Price: US$39.00
You save US$29.00!
"Dare To Prepare 5th Edition 2013" book by Holly Deyo The Townsend Brown Legacy (on Flash Drive)
Special: Buy 4-7 copies and save 25%. Buy 2-3 copies and save 15%. Additionally, save on S&H.

Dare To Prepare 5th Edition has minor changes and we ARE LOWERING the price. We want everyone to have this life-saving information.

DARE TO PREPARE 5th Edition is in huge demand due to current terrorist threats , economic uncertainty and increasing natural disasters. Written by Holly Drennan Deyo with an introduction by Stan Deyo, this magnificent work is THE ultimate city-suburban-rural emergency preparedness reference book. Dare To Prepare is now 69 chapters and 632 pages in 8-1/2" by 11" format paperback - about the size of a telephone book. Over 330 photographs and illustrations, plus many charts and tables, make personalized preparedness super simple.

The Townsend Brown Legacy (on Flash Drive)

  • This flash drive is a MUST for every serious researcher into antigravity (electrogravitics). It contains all the surviving videos taken inside the Bahnson Company's High voltage lab in Winston Salem between 13 August 1957 and 1 June 1960. They are hi-resolution films on video (720 x 480) and have been color-corrected as best possible. Before each segment there is a date card to assist you in finding particular places in the video. This file is named, "TTBrown_hires_lab_film.mp4".
  • Included with this video are over 300 pages of lab notes made at the lab while Townsend was there. There are three more lab books that I have not included as I only wanted the lab notes from the time Townsend was there.
  • Included is a "Read Me First" file that contains new photos of the lab taken in 1983 and a few very interesting tips on the Biefeld-Brown Effect and how it can be applied to making a dynamic field.
  • Included is a PDF file of Stan Deyo's paper entitled, "The Gem-Stone papers - Part One" which is referenced in the "Read Me First" file; and several pages taken from Stan Deyo's, "The Vindicator Scrolls" book and is also referenced in the "Read Me First"
  • And lastly, the entire Montgolfier Project report with photos!
List Price: US$30.00
Our Price: US$30.00
Collector's FINAL Edition!
Buy more than one and get at least 15% discount

I will not make another edition - appended or otherwise - of this, my first, book as the time is so close for the dictator of the 'latter days' to begin his grab for world domination. It is my fervent hope that many more, new souls will be saved by reading this final edition. I suspect this edition will rapidly become an underground treasure as the tribulation of these days tramples the people of Earth.
I reveal for the first time my shocking new, re-translation of eight verses from the Book of Daniel regarding the Alien UFO Deception.

Now in 30 Countries! Over 250,000 copies sold! Written in English, translated to French, German and Greek in the 1st Edition - Published in 1978, and then as an appended edition in 1992, and as appended edition 1998 and now in this final appended edition containing ALL the former appended versions.

Today's Special...

Lectures & Interviews of Stan Deyo Vol.1 (Eden and Solomon)

List Price: US$39.00
Our Price: US$25.00
You save US$14.00!
Lectures and Interviews of Stan Deyo Vol. 1

This collection of DVDs contains Stan's lectures on the location of the Garden of Eden and on King Solomon's link to today's 'antichrist' - plus a bonus CDROM and 3D glasses. The locations of King Solomon's gold sources are revealed. Startling new information on the name of the antichrist and the false prophet. The mysterious Queen of Sheba. This set is a must see for Christians interested in having discussion nights on current events and prophecy in the news.

Duration of DVDs: 180 minutes
Data on CDROM: 683.8 Mb!

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